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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Update: Possible copy and Wiki entry

It seems lately that there has been a spike in interest for Cry Baby Lane once again and I have been pointed towards a possible lead on an actual copy existing. (Thanks to you guys keeping me posted!!) It appears the guys at Reddit have done some searching of their own and a poster know as firepeachsalad claims to have an original copy. From what I have read, numerous posters have offered to help in the conversion of the VHS to enable a Youtube or Torrent upload.

A short video was posted with the claim as proof.

Nothing at the moment seems definite and I myself, have not seen any progression but I'm always kept up to date by readers.

There is also a Wikipedia entry for the legend now.
The guys were also nice enough to reference me!

Keep checking back as I'll be posting any news as soon as it develops!


  1. The whole movie, also some info:
    mitebean was firesaladpeach's youtube
    she uploded 2 videos
    one was the intro to cry baby lane
    the other was labeled 0004.avi which was the worm scene.
    she has since deleted both her reddit and her yt account, but then she came back under the username watersoupapple. here is the reddit link:

    I'm dl-ing the TBP torrent right now, and will be spreading the movie around every chance I get.


  3. i actually take my last comment back. here's the whole movie:

    it's being released everywhere, good quality too.

  4. Can you tell me something about this Cry baby lane? I've heard of a more cartoons that Nickelodeon that are disturbing, but what is so special about this one?

    1. This movie was too much 4 kids!
      1st day - Released Cry Baby Lane on nickelodeon
      2nd day - A thousands of calls 4 nickelodeon saying: "this movie is too muck for ma' kid! WTF???"