The mystery is no more! The film has been found in it's entirety and is available to download.

Download The Entire Film Here

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

I have put an ad up on Gumtree asking for any holders of the film to come forward. Let's hope we get a bite!

IMDB Entry

Just a short update to reference the IMDB page information on the film with some pretty odd comments.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Evidence: 1 of 3 Tapes Found!

So the acclaimed holder of 1 of the 3 elusive tapes has provided photographic evidence of his video!

Evidence: 3 Copies in Existence?

Many anons have come into contact with this guy who claims to have a copy of the film, albeit with the first 15 minutes missing. One anon had this reply from him.

Anon Gets Scared

Recent post from an Anon over in /tv/. Seems to have a pretty clear memory of some parts. .

Anonymous 01/25/11(Tue)00:30 No.14232253
I remember this movie OP. Nickelodeon showed it around halloween and i remember that Melissa Joan Hart hosted it, so they cut to her between commercials and the movie. It Scared the fuck out of me. It starred John Francis Daley from Freaks and Geeks. I have a shit ton of scattered memories about this. It started with these siamese twins and one was good, the other evil. Their father sawed them apart.

There was this one scene.
JFD was in a field surrounded by all these girls. they kept saying "Kiss or Chichi". He said "Kiss" and one girl opened her mouth and a spider crawled out. Then he says "Chichi" and some giant Russian bitch chases him around.

I also seem to remember him naked standing in a bull pen at one point and the bull was running after him.

I remember at the end, he had to find the body of the evil twin. There was a weed growing through his heart and he had to break it to send him back to hell.

Dark shit for a childrens channel. It really messed me up.

Maybe it was buried for a reason.

Petition For Cry Baby Lane

We also have a petition, so, if it comes to it, we can contact Nickelodeon and tackle them head on. Obviously this is going to need ALOT of signatures so get signing!

Evidence: TV Guide Listings

To prove the existence we need as much evidence as possible. Here is the tv-guide listing.

Reddit: Vote it up!

We now have a Reddit page, courtesy of "Mushroomer "

A new Lead?

The user of the account that owns the "Cry Baby Lane" trailer currently being hosted on Youtube has managed to avoid having any issues in regards to the video being uploaded. Therefore I have decided to contact the user ( in regards to the video.

"Hey man, Sorry to bother you, especially if you have already been flooded by messages.

In regards to your "Cry Baby Lane" trailer, may I ask where you obtained this footage from as I am currently seeking the film as it seems near damn impossible to find. Any information you have relating to this would be mega helpful!

Thank you in advanced.

Signed /x/"

Let's hope for a reply!

Plot Summary and Trailor

[All information is found courtesy of Anon]

Here is the plot synopsis from Fandango:

"This made-for-cable thriller-chiller was filmed in Ohio, where most of the story takes place. A pair of young brothers, Andrew (Jase Blankfort) and Carl (Trey Rogers), cannot get their fill of the spooky ghost stories told by local undertaker Mr. Bennett (Frank Langella). The boys are particularly fascinated by the legend of a brace of long-deceased Siamese twins -- one good, one evil -- who were literally torn apart at the time of their funeral. Intending to learn more about the twins, the adventurous Andrew conducts a séance, only to get more than he bargains for when he releases a horrifying demon, which promptly wreaks havoc upon the community. It is up to Andrew's mild, unassuming brother Carl to undo the damage -- if it isn't already too late. Cry Baby Lane made its Nickelodeon TV debut on October 28, 2000. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi"

Here is the only available video related to the film.

What we know so far . . .

This blog has been created to keep all /x/philes up to date on the current status of this seemingly impossible hunt.

A brief summary of what we know so far (courtesy of Anon):

Oct. 28th 2000, Nickelodeon showed a film called "Cry Baby Lane".

-It was super scary according to everyone that saw it, Nick never replayed it, people assume because of complaints about how scary/violent it was from parents.

-We try to find copies, NO ONE can find a copy anywhere, which is really freaky because it was a holiday film from only 10 years ago, and there are way older TV Specials that are easy to find.

-It exists because there is an IMDB page, a few clips on YouTube, and other information about it, and people DID see it, but other than that it's like Nickelodeon took down everything about it.

-People suspect that there is something creepy at play, and are trying to track it down to see what's so scary about it.

-We've so far been able to track down (maybe) one copy that is missing the first 15 minutes, but the guy who owns it wants $30 for the tape, and it might not even be real.

-We are now trying to contact Nick PR to see if we can get more information on it.

The guy who claims to have a copy of this film is this guy here:

I have made several efforts to request proof of legitimacy from him but have had no success.

Earlier I rang all possible contact numbers from Nickelodeon HQ but it seems that I was too late in contacting them but I shall try again tomorrow mid-afternoon.
Contact details are here :

Please feel free to comment with any other information you have found as I am aware that many of you are hunting via rare VHS dealers and the likes.

I will update as we know more.

Good luck!