The mystery is no more! The film has been found in it's entirety and is available to download.

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Sunday, 14 August 2011


Seems our hunt is finally at a close! The film promised by firepeachsalad has been delivered and finally in our hands. Thanks for keeping me updated!

AneiDoru said... The whole movie, also some info:
mitebean was firesaladpeach's youtube
she uploded 2 videos
one was the intro to cry baby lane
the other was labeled 0004.avi which was the worm scene.
she has since deleted both her reddit and her yt account, but then she came back under the username watersoupapple. here is the reddit link:

I'm dl-ing the TBP torrent right now, and will be spreading the movie around every chance I


. . and here is the whole video on youtube!

Thanks for all your help guys!


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  2. Apparently it has been removed from pirate bay, but here are more torrent site sources:

    Hope this helps someway. And it will probably be difficult to maintain on youtube due to all the copyright issues. Funny how Nick first denied the existence of the movie...

    Hope this helps and thanks again!

  3. One more comment, I found a youtube upload;

    Who knows how long it will stay up, so I am goign todownload the video from youtube.