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Monday, 24 January 2011

What we know so far . . .

This blog has been created to keep all /x/philes up to date on the current status of this seemingly impossible hunt.

A brief summary of what we know so far (courtesy of Anon):

Oct. 28th 2000, Nickelodeon showed a film called "Cry Baby Lane".

-It was super scary according to everyone that saw it, Nick never replayed it, people assume because of complaints about how scary/violent it was from parents.

-We try to find copies, NO ONE can find a copy anywhere, which is really freaky because it was a holiday film from only 10 years ago, and there are way older TV Specials that are easy to find.

-It exists because there is an IMDB page, a few clips on YouTube, and other information about it, and people DID see it, but other than that it's like Nickelodeon took down everything about it.

-People suspect that there is something creepy at play, and are trying to track it down to see what's so scary about it.

-We've so far been able to track down (maybe) one copy that is missing the first 15 minutes, but the guy who owns it wants $30 for the tape, and it might not even be real.

-We are now trying to contact Nick PR to see if we can get more information on it.

The guy who claims to have a copy of this film is this guy here:

I have made several efforts to request proof of legitimacy from him but have had no success.

Earlier I rang all possible contact numbers from Nickelodeon HQ but it seems that I was too late in contacting them but I shall try again tomorrow mid-afternoon.
Contact details are here :

Please feel free to comment with any other information you have found as I am aware that many of you are hunting via rare VHS dealers and the likes.

I will update as we know more.

Good luck!


  1. I actually had gotten an email from Nickelodeon (after I contacted them through the Viacom website)
    I unfortunately forgot to save the email, but I remember it mostly.
    I pretty much told them that I had seen the movie, as well as my sister and my mom, and I asked them not to deny its existence, as they are known to do.
    The reply I received was pretty much this:

    While there is currently no plan for a home release of this film, we will consult appropriate staff about a release of the film "Cry Baby Lane."
    Thank you for contacting Nickelodeon Studios.

  2. Might want to check this out--

    And this